How can I clean the bracelet or something?

Cleaning & Caring Instructions for Your Bracelet

Following are the cleaning steps for gemstone bracelets:

  • First, clean your bracelet with warm water. Do not use detergent.
  • If there is any discoloration or build upon the beads of your bracelet, then clean it with a soft cloth before using warm water on it.
  • To clean the beaded bracelets, scrub them gently with a soft cloth and dry them softly with a dry cloth.
  • In the end, polish the metal-plated beads with a clean, soft cloth.

Following are the cleaning steps for wood beads :

  • Firstly, you can wash your wood beads only if necessary. Wash them by hand with just warm water or a small amount of liquid dish soap if necessary. Pat dry and hang it.
  • You can re-oil your bodhi seed beads, and add a fragrance if you wish. Rub a small amount of organic walnut oil, beeswax, or mineral oil in your hand along with an essential oil (optional) and then rub into your wood/seed seeds thoroughly.
  • If you live in a dry climate this may need to be done every few months to maintain the beads but otherwise once a year may be sufficient. Over time your natural beads will darken. This is a normal process.