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Our curated collection is intentionally limited, featuring only products personally tried and tested for their effectiveness.

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Each item holds a unique significance as it has been chosen based on my own experiences. We passionately share these handpicked selections, hoping that our customers will find both spiritual enrichment and aesthetic satisfaction. As a believer in the power of these accessories, I aspire to provide a genuine and meaningful shopping experience. Explore our carefully chosen range and discover the essence of Tibetan Buddhism through our thoughtfully curated bracelets.


We hold the belief that the world's energy shapes our life experiences. With consciously designed accessories, we align intentions with the right energy, witnessing our dreams manifest into reality.


About Karma & Renewal

At Karma & Renewal, we're dedicated to nurturing your peace of mind, helping you wholeheartedly seize the present moment. Explore our thoughtfully curated spiritual collection, imbued with healing, abundance, love, and protection energies. Our mission is to empower your intentions, anchoring you in the here and now for a more fulfilling life. 

Our Founder

Since my early exposure to a captivating article about Tibet, I've been entranced by the enchanting Himalayan landscapes, deeply moved by the resilience of Tibetan lives amid adversity, and inspired by their unwavering faith. 

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In 2015, I found myself at a crossroads in life, struggling with challenges in areas like finances, luck, health, and love.In a serendipitous turn of events, my soul led me on a cherished journey to explore the mystical Tibet, where I embarked on a series of soul-searching adventures. Along the way, I witnessed breathtaking landscapes, experienced the kindness of the Tibetan people, and immersed myself in the sanctity of their monasteries. These journeys not only allowed me to behold picturesque scenery but also led me to uncover the depths of my own being, providing a profound sense of inner peace, a clear sense of purpose, and a newfound vitality. I am deeply grateful for these transformative experiences, and I wish to share the wisdom they've brought me with all.

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By a twist of fate, a revered mentor bestowed upon me the Tibetan name 'Lhakpa Dorje' symbolizing the lotus flower, signifying purity and enlightenment. My love for Tibet transcends geographical boundaries. I invite you to join us in this endeavor. I'll continue sharing my observations and experiences about Tibet on the website's blog, so please stay tuned for more updates!

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We are grateful that you are contributing to this journey of positive karma.

Lhakpa Dorje



Our mission

1、Empowering Your Peace of Mind: Our foremost mission is to empower you with the tranquility and serenity you deserve. Through a meticulously curated selection of spiritual products, we strive to help you find inner peace and alleviate life's stresses, enabling you to navigate each day with a peaceful mind.

2、Fostering Mindful Living: We are committed to assisting you in embracing the present moment. By offering a diverse array of items infused with energies of healing, abundance, love, and protection, we aim to facilitate your journey toward a life rich in mindfulness and a deeper connection with the world around you.

3、Supporting Your Goals: At Karma & Renewal, we're more than just a retailer. Our mission is to support your aspirations and intentions, guiding you towards a clearer understanding of your life's purpose. By offering spiritually charged products, we empower you to set and achieve meaningful goals.

4、Anchoring in the Present: Our ultimate goal is to anchor you in the here and now, allowing you to savor each moment to the fullest. By accessing the transformative energies within our curated collection, you'll experience a more fulfilling and grounded life, where you can channel your energy and passion into creating a brighter future.


karma renewal site Mission

Our Design

1、Karma & Renewal is happy to collaborate with creatives worldwide to produce goods that uplift and inspire. The craft traditions of locations like Tibet, Nepal, China, Thailand, and other parts of the world are the source of many of our creations. Every year, we visit places like Tibet, Nepal, etc., to build relationships with artisans and ensure our sustainable and environmentally responsible sourcing practices.

2、We speak with the artists directly. Karma & Renewal  continues to expand and fortify our network of regional artists with hard work in Tibet and Nepal. We want to create a network online that supports Tibetans, Nepalis, and others who need financial assistance for their trade-in addition to growing our client base.

3、Each year, we extend our help to uplift the lives of underprivileged Tibetans and Nepalese, striving to provide them with the same quality of life we enjoy. We are committed to regularly updating this website to collectively witness and celebrate the progress we achieve together.


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Our Items

We meticulously choose spiritually charged items, finely attuned to your intentions.

Discover a diverse range of accessories designed to draw wealth, nurture health, kindle love, and safeguard you.

Align your aspirations with these accessories to amplify your desires' vibrations, transforming your life experience.

Experience the power of our spiritual jewelry, enveloping you in positive energy to manifest your dreams!


1、Exceptional Quality: We offer meticulously selected products to ensure unparalleled quality.

2、Price Match Assurance: If you discover a better deal, we don't just match it – we beat it!

3、Secured Transactions: Your information is safeguarded with cutting-edge 128-bit encryption.

4、Safe and Efficient Order Processing: Our commitment to security is unwavering.

5、Trusted Payment: PayPal and credit card verified company;

6、Rapid Global Shipping: Enjoy FREE worldwide shipping, delivered promptly.

7、Dedicated Customer Care: We deeply value our customers, and we want you to savor every moment with us!



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