Snake Bracelet: Symbolize, Healing, and Good Luck

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Snake Bracelet: Symbolize, Healing, and Good Luck

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  • Mar 29

Do you remember the phenomenon of humans worshiping animals? In ancient times, people used to carry animal bones with them in the hope of gaining buffs and protecting themselves. The snake jewelry we wear today is strikingly similar to this concept. 

Snake is a mysterious creature that has been a timeless display of elegance, symbolism, and artistry for centuries. This sacred reptile has always been a part of our culture. Even, the Bible mentions this creature and the temples of pharaohs in Egypt.

Have you ever seen someone wearing a snake bracelet and wondered what that symbolizes? This unique piece of jewelry reflects different meanings in different cultures. So, let's explore the details of the actual meaning and history of the snake cuff bracelet in more depth!

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What Does a Snake Bracelet Mean: Everything You Need to Know

In ancient times, humans used to worship plants and animals because of the lack of knowledge. Of course, snakes are mysterious creatures, and they naturally cover the scope of worship. 

Many beliefs, faiths, and myths relate to worshiping snakes. Indians, Africans, and Malaysians still worship these reptiles. 

The design of the goddess Wadjet in Egypt also draws inspiration from a cobra. So, you can see numerous sculptures and designs inspired by this sacred reptile in different periods. 

You can also see snake jewelry like gold and silver bracelets that people wear today, in addition to sculptures of snakes. So, have you ever wondered where these jewelry items originated from?


It have a rich history, dating back to ancient cultures. For example, pharaohs in ancient Egypt often incorporated snakes into jewelry items they wore. Moreover, ancient Greek frequently depicted snakes as medical symbols.

In ancient Greek culture, snakes were a symbol of renewal and healing. A lot of people still believe in this myth and wear this as a symbol of protection. According to some believers, wearing a snake cuff bracelet can ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. 

Throughout history, people have viewed this sacred reptile as a symbol of rebirth, healing, security, and transformation. 


The snake can be a common fear, but this fantastic creature comes to life to teach you many spiritual things in life. In different cultures, a mens snake bracelet may serve the following meanings:

  • As the snake's body has no hands, feet, arms, or legs, it roams closer to the earth than other reptiles. Also, snakes see in heat, and they don't have ears. So, you can use it to engage your senses in absorbing or releasing your energy.

  • So, you can give it as a gift to your loved one who is hospitalized to wish him/her a speedy recovery.

  • Wearing a gold or silver snake bracelet can bring you closer to your own transformation. It might be tough to shed your skin, but snake cuff bracelets serve as a great reminder that you have the ability to do it. 

  • This serpent piece of jewelry teaches you purification. For instance, wrapping a cuff bracelet can symbolize the full circle of life, reflecting the endings and beginnings. 

  • Many individuals can wear this for fertility. Fertility in one's life can be described as birthing new ideas, having children, and starting new journeys.

  •  They also believe that the reptilian symbol in jewelry items symbolizes sensuality and sexiness. That means wearing a silver or gold snake bracelet can embody the God inside of you and make you look sexy. 


Different cultures believe that symbolize the following beliefs.

  1. Desire & Temptation 

Some cultures often use snake as a symbol of lust. For instance, Freud from Europe used the snake as a symbol of male genitalia in “The Interpretation of Dreams.” Also, you can see the feathered snake more frequently in the work of famous European writers who write love scenes. 

This reptile moves unpredictably and silently, which has similarities to the subconscious sexual desires of humans.  That's why a lot of believers associate this with lust and sexual desires. 

In history, Western artists always include the snake symbol when showing the idea of original sin. You must be familiar with the Medusa, who was a beautiful siren in Greek mythology with a head full of snake. 

Medusa by Arnold Böcklin, c. 1878
  1. Wealth & Power

In ancient Egypt, people used snake to represent kingship. That's why all pharaohs in Egypt had a cobra-shaped ornament on their head crowns. So, wearing this could potentially symbolize authority and state. 

In both South America and South Asia, people consider snake as gods of abundance, creation, and water. In Hinduism, people regard the cobra-shaped Naka as a god of fertility and water. Wearing snake jewelry items can bring power, authority, and wealth. 

3. Security 

As mentioned earlier, people in ancient times used to carry animal bones with them in the hope of protecting themselves. Similarly, snake rings, bracelets, and pendants have been a significant part of Native American tribes for decades. 

A snake cuff bracelet can make you look better and represents cultural heritage and religious beliefs. People consider the snake a sacred reptile. Snake jewelry items often have associations with security, healing, transformation, and rebirth. Furthermore, this intricate designs and patterns reflect a deep connection with Mother Nature. 

The Bottom Line 

So, you have discovered the true meaning and significance of this These unique jewelry pieces hold profound cultural and mythological meanings. 

For many individuals, snake represent rebirth, transformation, fertility, security, and desires. So, you can wear a silver or gold snake bracelet to experience the holistic advantages of this beautiful piece. 

You will find a plethora of beautifully designed men's snake bracelets on the market. So, we encourage you to buy yourself a snake cuff bracelet and experience its wonders. Here are several products we recommend for your reference:

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Is it good gift to someone?

Answer: Yes, you can gift it to your loved ones to wish them good luck. In some cultures, snake symbolize healing and renewal. You can give snake jewelry to someone for a quick recovery. 

Question: What are the types of snake bracelets?

Answer: There are many types of this available, from cuff bracelets to silver and gold. Also, you can find these pieces in multiple designs and patterns. All styles of this look fabulous, depending on your taste. 

Question: How much does this cost?

Answer: Purchasing a piece of it depends on the style you're looking for. For example, if you buy this made of silver, it will not cost you more. On the flip side, if you're looking for something unique, its cost would definitely go higher. 

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